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IF YOU think of a salad as a few limp bits of lettuce and tasteless tomatoes, think again. Our ‘Insalata’ salad is a satisfying and imaginative combination of the best, freshest ingredients.


1. Smoked breast of chicken, mushrooms, avocado, grilled courgettes, rucola, mixed leaves, croutons and sun - dried tomatoes, lemon and olive oil dressing.

2. Bocconcini of fresh mozzarella, black olive pate, fresh basil, oregano, grilled and roasted vegetables, mixed leaves, lemon and olive oil dressing.

3. Feta cheese, grilled pears, mixed leaves fresh cucumber and mint, olives, tomatoes and oregano, lemon and olive oil dressing.

4. Bresaola punta d’Anca (thinly sliced air dried) rucola, mixed leaves, beans, roasted pepper, avocado and shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano, fresh lime and olive oil dressing.

5. Line-caught Ortiz yellow fin tuna in olive oil, mixed leaves, French beans, olives, new potatoes, with mint and thyme, tomatoes and basil, grilled peppers, soft boiled egg and anchovies, lemon and olive oil dressing.

6. Crayfish, rucola, baby spinach, mixed leaves, grilled aubergine, avocado, dill, a touch of mayonnaise and a slice of fresh lime, lemon and olive oil dressing.

PRICES: £6.95 per box. VAT is payable in addition. We make no charge for local deliveries.


(Available daily)

• Mushrooms

• New potatoes and mint

• Tomato and basil

• Various pulses

• Carrot, apple and mooli

• Pasta with roasted vegetables and pesto

• Mixed leaves

• Celeriac remoulade

• Beetroot and broccoli

• Fennel and courgette