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• Smoked fish platter

• Roasted vegetables with home made pesto

• Goat’s cheese and grilled artichokes with baby spinach

• Bresaola, rucola and Parmigiano

• Fresh mozzarella, tapenade and basil

• Smoked chicken breast, mushrooms, crispy bacon and croutons

• Stuffed peppers with anchovies, tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs

• Smoked halibut with ginger, lime and coriander dressing

• Mediterranean tartlets



• Frittata and selection of quiches

• Stuffed vine leaves with tomato sauce and parmesan

• Pollo al limone

• Spicy sausages cooked with honey and sage

• Honey and sugar roast ham

• Timbale of poached salmon and dill mayonnaise

• Salmon steaks Japanese style

• Home made fishcakes and tartare sauce

• Chicken thighs with olives & preserved lemons

• Lamb tagine

• Breast of duck, cranberry & balsamic vinegar

Our group lunches can be ordered online through our online booking form on the homepage or by simply calling us direct on the phone. We offer such a great selection of group lunches, for up to 135 heads per serving, you really shouldn’t be going anywhere else for a group lunch in London.

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